Global talent hub

Sydney’s world-renowned natural and man-made beauty complements a depth of intellectual prowess in key areas of competitive advantage

BESydney works closely with the NSW Government to deliver maximum benefit to clients and the community, aligning the events it secures with sectors identified as State strengths (professional services, research, international education, digital economy, creative industries and advanced manufacturing). 

Professional services

In Sydney alone, financial professional and business services now make a bigger contribution to Australia’s GDP than mining and agriculture combined, lending the city a cutting-edge competitiveness and productivity that is luring international talent to its shores. NSW has the largest professional services sector in Australia, employing one in ten of the State’s employees.


Science and medical research

With the largest research sector in Australia, NSW continues to support further growth in these areas of its economic priorities. This is reflected in the significant annual investment in health and medical research by the Government, which now exceeds $200 million.

Education and research

More than 200,000 international students from over 160 countries study at NSW universities, colleges and schools every year taking advantage of world-class teaching, infrastructure and research facilities. NSW hosts Australia's premier research and higher education infrastructure, including the largest number of university and private higher education providers.

ICT and the digital economy

With its track record of innovative developments such as WiFi and Google Maps, it’s no surprise that Sydney is Australia’s home of ICT.

Arts, culture and creative industries

NSW has the largest creative industries economy in Australia, accounting for over 39% of Australia’s creative industries workforce. Creative businesses choose NSW due to its cluster of inventive filmmakers, artists, designers, writers, musicians, dancers and advertising agencies.



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