Smart city

Sydney's minds shine as brightly as the legendary Aussie sun. Connect, collaborate and innovate with us.

Did you know that Google Maps and critical Wi-Fi technology were both developed by Sydney smarts?

Sydney’s world-renowned natural and man-made beauty complements a depth of intellectual prowess that can deliver real outcomes for your next event in Australia. When you look past its iconic face, you see that Sydney offers a rich array of local talent, research and academic institutions, industry-led knowledge hubs and strengths in key industry sectors. Everything you need to connect, collaborate and innovate for success. Together, we can shape the future.

“Business events are conduits for connecting industry, academia, government and the private sector. And, when bright minds come together, amazing things happen. Creativity happens. Discovery happens. Innovation happens. The world moves one step closer to solving a global problem.” - New South Wales (NSW) Deputy Premier Troy Grant

The NSW Government was one of the first governments globally to recognise the broad and far-reaching benefits of hosting business events – their knowledge economy value. Business events are now seen as vital in helping the government bolster the sectors of our economy that will have the greatest impact on future prosperity and Australia’s contributions to the world.

Intellectual Capitals: Sydney Shines is a guide to our strong knowledge economy and features some of the country’s business and academic leaders – our bright minds – who share their views on what is special about Australia’s global city.

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