Sydney inspires Amway Taiwan to break world record

31 March 2016

Last Saturday (26 March), New South Wales (NSW) showcased its ability to reward, motivate and inspire with Amway Taiwan breaking all previous world records for the largest corporate incentive to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in one day.

Amway Taiwan, one of the country’s leading direct selling companies, chose Sydney to host its annual Leadership Seminar, 24 to 28 March 2016. Bringing its greatest performing distributors to our shores, the five-day incentive including BridgeClimb as a key activity with a delegation of over 1,200 climbers ascending one of the world’s most famous icons, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“When a company chooses Sydney they know we have the experience to put on a fantastic show – we have an abundance of modern and unique facilities, team building activities and creative solutions to help them achieve greatness,” said CEO of Business Events Sydney, Lyn Lewis-Smith. “And, there’s nothing that compares to the ultimate team building experience like breaking a world record.

“I congratulate Amway Taiwan for such a great achievement. It is by no means a small feat and I guarantee the Amway delegates have returned home with memorable stories to tell both their families and their colleagues when they return to work.”

From the summit of the bridge, the Taiwanese delegates were able to take in a 360-degree panorama of Sydney, including the world’s largest natural harbour, World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains and picturesque coastline of NSW.

The Sunday Telegraph, one of the country’s most read newspapers, also covered the world record in its 27 March edition.

“We are excited to be back in Sydney after our last visit in 2005, and feel honored to be able to create the new world record with 1,200 Amway distributors climbing the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge,” said General Manager of Amway Taiwan, Shirley Chen. “This once-in-a-lifetime journey also brings us invaluable experiences to unlock our potential to the fullest.

“We believe all our distributors who joined us in the activity have taken away with them an unforgettable memory, and could further encourage them to overcome any obstacles and challenges in the future,” Ms Chen added.

"With more than 1,200 climbers, Amway is more than doubling the world record for the largest group to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in one day,” said CEO of BridgeClimb Sydney, Todd Coates. “BridgeClimb is delighted to have partnered with BESydney and Amway Taiwan to create this wonderful achievement."


•    Amway Taiwan delegates on Sydney Harbour Bridge
•    Delegates waiving the Taiwanese flag at the Blue Mountains
•    Amway Taiwan ‘selfie’ at Scenic World Blue Mountains
•    Delegates celebrating in front of the Sydney Opera House
•    Masterchef Challenge at Royal Randwick with VictorsFood


•    Highlights reel of delegates climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge for world record - Download
•    Highlights reel of delegates climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge for world record - YouTube

Photos: BridgeClimb Sydney, Oneill Photographics.

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