Image gallery

The best way to access imagery for your use is to register for the Tourism Australia and/or the Destination NSW image libraries. All images are available for use free of charge (for the majority of purposes that our clients have) and the libraries offer hundreds of image options.

Tourism Australia

Destination NSW

Both will require you to simply explain what you will be using the images for and enter your full contact details. These details are required for copyright purposes and a failure to complete all these sections could result in your image request being declined.

Whenever possible, it would be recommended that you mention your connection to Business Events Sydney, to make the nature of the request as clear as possible (i.e. “I am creating communication materials that promote Sydney as a destination for an upcoming conference in 2015. I’ve been liaising with Business Events Sydney in relation to this project”).

Once you receive email confirmation that you are registered for access, you can sign in and search the huge database for as many images as you may require.

Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions for each site before using images, to ensure the basic regulations are adhered to.