Business Events Exchange 2016

Business Event Sydney's Business Events Exchange (BEx) is a unique opportunity to network with industry professionals. It’s also an opportunity to hear from one of Australia’s great entrepreneurs, Emma Isaacs, Founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks.

Based in Los Angeles, Emma is the Global CEO of Australia’s largest community for women with a growing following in North America, is a serial property investor, has raised over $12 million for various charities, and is mother to four children aged seven and under.

An expert networker, Emma has also spent time with some of the world’s greatest business visionaries, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders including Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Diane von Furstenberg, Sir Bob Geldof, and, the 2015 BEx speaker, Ita Buttrose.

Emma’s keynote detailing her journey through entrepreneurial successes and obstacles was a fantastic example of how networking and connectivity support both businesses and personal achievement.