Flights to and from Sydney

Considering an incentive group trip to Sydney from overseas? Or bringing conference delegates to Sydney? 

While travel to Australia means a long flight, once your incentive travellers or event delegates discover Sydney’s stunning harbour and beaches, fine restaurants, cosmopolitan shopping and nearby mountains, wineries and coastal areas, they will never want to leave.

Plus, depending where you are starting, the airfare to fly to Sydney can often cost the same, or less than many other destinations around the world.

Delegates visiting Sydney from overseas

Visas for Australia

Most overseas visitors need a valid visa before they can travel to Australia. Travellers should arrange their visa well ahead of time (at least four to six weeks before leaving their home country) to ensure entry into Australia is seamless. Travel agents or airlines can arrange visas. For more information visit the Australian Department of Immigration's website.

Incoming passenger cards

Most visitors need to complete and present a passenger card when they enter or leave Australia. On the way in, airline crew give visitors this card to complete before they land.

Luggage at Sydney Airport

At Sydney Airport, visitors can pick up a luggage trolley after they pass through Immigration, before retrieving their luggage to move through Customs.

Australian quarantine inspections

Australia’s distance from the rest of the world protects it from a number of diseases. To keep things this way, our quarantine process is extremely strict. Almost all bags are X-rayed, many are searched, and trained dogs sniff luggage.

Visitors may not bring any food, flowers or other prohibited items (visitors will be given a list) into Australia.

Visiting Sydney from other Australian regions

If visitors are coming to Sydney from anywhere else in Australia, the process is simple.

The Sydney domestic and international terminals are separate buildings, next to each other. There are no formalities when visitors arrive, other than to collect their luggage and head off to enjoy the city. 

You can find out more information about getting to Sydney from the airport here.