Brainstorming ideas 

Decide on all the key elements of your business meeting event before you approach suppliers or lock in dates. Brainstorm your ideas to be sure you cover off every option and select the best themes, dates, speakers and venues that will make your event a success.

Step 1: Gather the group

Decide who should be involved in the initial planning process, and schedule a brainstorming session. People involved in the brainstorming process do not necessarily need to be the same team that will help you plan the event from beginning to end; essentially the key stakeholders and creative minds should be part of this process.

Step 2: Evaluate

Before you get creative, discuss previous events and take some time to critically evaluate them. Pay attention to what worked in the past and what didn’t, to avoid repeating previous mistakes. Remember that sometimes an event fails simply because it is held at the wrong time. With a little adjusting, it could be a winner the second time around.

Step 3: What to brainstorm

Have a list of subjects to brainstorm. These are likely to include:


  • Theme and decorations
  • Appropriate venues and hotels
  • The best dates (thinking about seasons, competing events, costs etc)
  • Accommodation 
  • Entertainment
  • The time of day (would it work best as a breakfast function, a lunch or a cocktail event?)
  • Speakers and seminars
  • Audio-visual tools
  • Transport
  • Giveaways




  • Read BESydney's Brainstorming techniques guide that outlines a five-step guide to running a successful brainstorming session
  • Read BESydney's Mind-mapping techniques guide that outlines a five-step guide to creating a mind-map. Mind-mapping is a helpful brainstorming technique if you are planning the event on your own. You may need to create several mind-maps.

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PCO6_Ladies in discussion at a Think Business Events event  

Event tip

Encourage the free flow of ideas without restraint. You never know when a crazy idea can lead to a brilliant innovation!